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Learning Never Sits Still.

MOVEMENT and LEARNING go hand-in-hand in early childhood development. Here we'll explore...

  • How movement naturally supports BODY and BRAIN DEVELOPMENT.

  • Why movement and play are key to SCHOOL READINESS.

  • What you can do to help... FUN, FAST, & EASY ideas anytime, anywhere.

Because MOVEMENT MATTERS more than we think.

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Kids are impatient because "now" is all they know. Discover how time comes into focus for kids and what you can do to help the process.


For kids, fitness comes naturally. Compare what we do at the gym with what kids do just for fun!


The Kinetic Scope©

How movement develops the learning

and the learner.


Kinetic Scope: creating a well balanced physical Diet

Creating a Well-Balanced Physical Diet

Like nutrition, little ones need a rich, varied "physical diet" to insure they get what they need. But there's no broccoli in this diet. Just lots and lots of wiggles and giggles!


Kinetic Scope: exercising The Senses helps little kids learn to THINK
Kinetic Scope: Balance develops focus, concentration, and courage in early childhood
Kinetic Scope: Intuition develops social emotional learning in early childhood
Kinetic Scope:
Kinetic Scope: Controlling movement helps young kids develops adaptability

Look for Kineticons on to see the benefits of movement and play.

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Temporal Awareness

Where is Your Child on

Their Can-Do Journey?


When kids play, they move. See what's really going on when they're having fun. 


Get Ready for School

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Learning comes naturally when kids are at play.

31 fast, fun, active & easy games that get

your child ready for school! LEARN MORE...

Parents make the best playmates, tips for parents to play with kids and get ready for learning

Parents Make the Best Playmates

Parenting bubble: tips for parents on movement and brain development for young kids

Three Easy Steps to Better Playmating.​ LEARN MORE...

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Playtime can happen anytime, anywhere whether you have 5 minutes or all day.

For those busy times, try our Minute Moves.

Visit our Activities Gallery for even more fun!

Towel Roll

Spinning slowly is great for developing balance, so after bathtime, wrap your child up in the towel and have them spin out of it. You can also have them lie down on the floor and roll up into and out of the towel.

Be a Push Over

To help little ones understand their own strength, sit on the floor and dare them to try to push you over. Vary your resistance from easy to hard so they have to work a bit to win the game, but of course, always be a push over in the end! 

Be a Push Over: helping kids to understand force

Be a Push Over

Kinetic Scope: Intuition develops social emotional learning in early childhood
Learning to focus and concentrate through movement; a vestibular activity

Towel Roll

Kinetic Scope: Balance develops focus, concentration, and courage in early childhood

Slow Singing

To help little ones slow down (at least for a moment) sing a favorite song together. Then sing it again, only slow it waaay down. If they can't follow the slower beat that's OK. Sing to them while you dance slowly together.

Slow Singing: playing music with young kids helps develop self-control

Slow Singing

Kinetic Scope: Controlling movement helps young kids develops adaptability science of movement and brain development

Learning Off Energy

Developing Inner Drive

Kinetic Scope understanding power develops character for kids

Huff 'n puff play helps kids understand

how far they can go, and when they've gone too far. LEARN MORE...

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An at a glance

guide to play.


Nutritious Play

Perseverance and grit for kids in early childhood development
Kinetic Scope understanding power develops character for kids


Stamina is more than physical. 


Learning their best learning tool...

the body. 


What Am I Made Of?

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How kids get ready to write.  


I Can Doodle Do!

Dance along with Early and the gang at the Kandu Preschool! An interACTIVE video for your child... and a little something for parents too.

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