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Relating to My World

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Intuition is our internal GPS system that tells the brain where we are in space and how we interact with our physical world. In other words, Intuition is how we NAVIGATE.​


It begins with learning their own body and all of its parts. (Yes, little kids don’t know this yet). But more, our sense of Intuition means knowing how to fit into and interact with the space and objects around us (which for kids often means bumping into the furniture!).


Classic play patterns and behaviors are at work 

helping them learn about themselves in context

to our world, which in turn unlocks the

foundations they need to navigate

social relationships.


From the early days when litle ones think the world begins and ends with them, all through the early years they are figuring out how they “fit” with their family, community and the wider world.  


And all of this begins with you (and bumping 

into the furniture)...

Introduction to Intuition

Intuition Story Lens.png

Young children need to map their body before they can nagivate our world. 

”Mommy and I play Follow the Leader. I’m the always the leader. Follow me!


I go under the coffee table, over the couch through the chair legs, and into the cupboard.”

Through physical interactions, young children awaken to one of life’s most startling realizations: Not everyone is me.

“Mommy’s too big to get in the cupboard. She got stuck. I win!

(It’s good to be small.)”

Through shared physical experiences over time, a transformation occurs from the “center of the universe” to the embrace of belonging.

“Mommy says it’s good to share. I’m going to let Mommy pick the next game.”

As their sense of self expands in context to the people, places, and things around them, trust emerges. Trust in myself. And trust in others... the social gravity of our lives.

“Mommy says she has a new game for us to play. It starts with a hug then Mommy picks me up and we go flying! Don’t worry. Mommy’s got me.”

Social and emotional foundations that shape who they will become develop naturally through play.

“I'm going to let Mommy pick the next game..”

With so many options for “entertaining” kids today, it’s easy to overthink it. Notice in this example how a simple game of Follow the Leader can be packed with developmental opportunities. 


 Keep it simple. Follow their lead.

Nature will do the rest.

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