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What to Look for in a Great Playground

Managing Safety

Imagine a world made just for you. That’s the magic of playgrounds... thrills, challenge, freedom... all in one place! All playgrounds are different of course, but no matter what’s available, they’re all great for getting kids moving.


Here’s our list of the Top 10 things to look for in a great playground...

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For kids, there’s something irresistible about scampering to the top of just about anything. Maybe it makes them feel bigger, or maybe it’s the “because it’s there” nature of climbing, but whatever the reason, hills never fail to become the center of attention while providing great opportunities for rugged, huff ‘n puff play, balance, and coordination.


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Playing in nature is always the first, best option. Trees are nature’s monkey bars and if you’ve got a good climbing tree nearby, take advantage of it.  For little ones, hang a swing. For older kids, supervised climbing will build physical strength and self-confidence.


Monkey Bars

There is no better large-frame playground installation for developing a child’s balance system and muscle strength than monkey bars. Climbing, hanging (right side up or upside down), and swinging builds upper body strength and coordination while challenging children to move in new and creative ways.


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Swings create big sensations of movement and freedom – a child’s first true taste of flying -- while helping them fine-tune their balance and sense of rhythm and timing.


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Controlled spinning is critical to children’s vestibular (balance) development so a merry-go-round or any other type of spinning apparatus is a “must do.”



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Planks & Beams

A simple, sturdy board can be the source of hours of innovative movement activities to build little ones sense of balance and body control.



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Tunnels provide essential spatial awareness development (Intuition) while giving children wonderful, safe places to hide!



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It takes two and it takes practice to work out how to push up and down to make the see-saw go. Sensations of weight and balance are naturally developed while children take turns giving each other rides!



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Whoosh!  The sense of speed a slide provides gives children the thrill of feeling “out of control” in only for a few seconds. This builds confidence and courage to climb the ladder and go again!



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There’s only one thing better than playing on the playground. Playing with you!



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