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Raising a Courageous Learner

Kids that do are kids that can-do

When given the choice to explore what interests them, you are giving your child the opportunity to develop their own can-do approach to learning. Here’s what they need...

Stimulation. Creating an age-appropriate, sensory-rich environment is the best thing you can do as your child’s partner in learning. And this doesn’t mean signing up for every enrichment class or cleaning out the toy store. Often a cardboard box, a bucket of sand, raindrops on the window, or you as their playmate is all they need. Watch to see what sparks their curiosity, then follow their lead.


Time. Young children need lots of time to explore and reflect. Over-scheduling can result in Insufficient "downtime" which can result in unnecessary stress, precipitate early achievement-fatigue, and rob them of independent inquiry. Making more time in your child's day for free play is the easy and obvious antidote. But when our modern mindset is to "make" free time, is it really free? For little ones, time needs to be measured in what they get out of it rather than what’s been crammed into it.


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Space. Kids need room to move. But today’s kids are often containerized. Strollers, rocker seats, play yards, jumper seats and the like are all designed for your child’s comfort and safety, but also restrict their ability to do what nature is telling them to do... move. When you control the environment and safety is not an issue, give them the room they need to move naturally.


Movement. What kids can do with their body determines how much power they have over their own learning. When your child goes exploring, they are not only learning to choose for themselves, they are refining the movements they need to discover even more.


Courage. Children need courage to set off after their curiosity and gather life experiences. That begins with the reliable environment of love and support you provide each day. When they feel your encouragement and see the confidence you have in them, they’ll take that cue and stretch themselves even farther.  And that’s everything because...

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And there's more...

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