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Steady and ready.

Ask any kindergarten teacher and they'll tell you the three most important "readiness" skills are the ability to sit still, pay attention, and stay focused. Our sense of balance (the vestibular system) governs all three. 

Without balance is like living on a tightrope. At any moment you could tip over. That’s whatlittle ones are dealing with everyday. Until they get control of their balance it's going to be hard for them to focus on much of anything else.


And of course, when we feel unsteady we

are uncertain. That’s because courage begins with physical confidence.

And that begins in the early years, 

like your first ride down the slide 

all by yourself...

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Introduction to Balance

Sliding Solo

Our Sense of Balance is more than physical. It is the starting point for cognitive focus and emotional equilibrium.

”The slide is my favorite but it’s really high up so I have to watch my step. Granny goes with me. We slide down together.”

Changing orientation gives the brain practice in maintaining balance in dynamic situations. It also changes our perspective which gives the brain new information to analyze.

“We go up the ladder again. It’s amazing how much you can see when you’re this tall.

We slide down again.”

Certainty in our physical steadiness opens up the brain to think about what’s next and assess what’s right for me.

“Hmmm. I wonder what it would be like to go down the slide all by myself?”


Granny thinks I can do it. 

She promises to catch me 

at the bottom.”

Only when we’re centered can we believe in ourselves and our own choices.

“I climb up the ladder. I watch my step as I climb. At the top I sit down. 


Granny’s waiting for me at the bottom. She’s smiling. She knows I can do it. 


All I have to do is let go.”

Courage grows out of trying.


Every first takes courage.

Every first is learning.

Celebrate every first.

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