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Movement & Learning

The Kinetic Scope©

A Quick Guide to Movement

Think of the Kinetic Scope© as the “food pyramid” for movement, an at-a-glance guide to the kinds of movement and play kids need to develop both the BODY and the BRAIN. That's because in early childhood, everything begins with the body and radiates out from there...

Breaking Down Movement

These early years are a blur of growth and development, much of which actually begins with movement. So, starting in the center, the Kinetic Scope breaks down movement into its six essential “ingredients.” They include the Senses, Balance, Intuition, Power, Coordination, and Control. Young children need this VARIETY in their “physical diet” every day because movement matters more than we think.


Beyond good health, fitness, and well-being, movement is the starting point for physical confidence, cognitive capabilities and critical life skills they will take with them to school and beyond. 


So for young kids, it's simple. Think physical first.


Look for our Kineticons throughout where you'll find insights into how movement and play help your child develop along with some ideas for fast, fun, and easy activities you might like to try.

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The Kineticons

Keep scrolling down for a quick summary or click to learn more.

The Senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) provide the raw material the brain needs to learn how to process information. In other words, to think.


Balance gives little ones the steady start they need for independent exploration and learning. LEARN MORE...

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Balance Summary Infographic.png

Intuition guides us through our physical and social worlds. LEARN MORE...

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Power Summary Infographic.png

Physical strength, stamina and endurance are where perseverance and resilience begin. LEARN MORE...

As the body and brain sync up, complex coordinated movement becomes easier and easier while more complex thinking comes into focus. LEARN MORE...

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Control Summary Infographic.png

As kids develop more control over their body, they’re learning important concepts of self-control... anticipation, predicition, nuance and adaptability. LEARN MORE...

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