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Strength, stamina & endurance

build persistence and resilience.

Power is not a word we normally associate with young children, but without it, their ability for independent inquiry and personal discovery is limited.


Power is the strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and agility they need to accomplish whatever task they set out to do. And it's those accomplishments - large and small – that spark their "can-do" spirit.

For kids, "power" doesn't mean a trip to the gym. Instead, it's anything that's active and hands-on. Something as simple as building a sand castle engages the whole body and the whole mind. Here's an example to show you what's happening as they play...

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Introduction to Power

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Without Power (physical or emotional) kids can’t get very far.

”Everybody goes down the slide.

I'm going to go up.

Physical confidence is the starting point for independent inquiry in the pursuit of passionate interests. This is the most meaningful style of learning.

“The slide is really slippery. 

I’ll take my shoes and socks off.

The slide is really steep. 

I’ll get a running start.

The slide is really high up.

Gee, I’m tired.”


“Maybe I’ll climb up the railing. Nope.

Maybe if I tie a rope to the top? Nope.


Self-motivated learning involves unexpected twists, turns and tangents. Physical endurance supports a child’s ingenuity to see things through.

Determination is the engine of learning.

"We did it!."

Can-do spirit is born in the world of try-try-again.

Because It's There

"I need help."

Bouncebackability comes naturally when kids feel powerful and empowered to try again. 

Learn More About Power...

Learning Off Energy

Developing Inner Drive

Huff ‘n puff play helps kids understand how far they can go and when they’ve gone too far.


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Stamina & Endurance

Some kids tend to be easily distracted. Easily bored. Easily defeated. They tend not to finish what they start. We whisper “attention deficit” to ourselves and worry sets in.


But before you go there, consider another factor first... 


You Can't Run Uphill Indoors

Outdoor Play

There's more to outdoor play than fresh air and sunshine.




Soccer Bubbles. Catch bubbles with

any part of the body other than your hands.

Bubble Blow. Keep a bubble up in the air as long as you can by blowing on it.

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