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Stamina & Endurance

Learning to finish what you start is an important readiness skill (and mind-set) for school and life.

Have you ever noticed some kids jump from one activity to another without spending concentrated time on any one thing? If you watch, they might seem to be easily distracted. Easily bored. Easily defeated. And they tend not to finish what they start. We whisper “attention deficit” to ourselves and worry sets in. But before you go there, consider another factor first: Endurance.


Kids Are Less Active Today

Statistics show that today’s kids are less active than previous generations which means physical endurance may be a challenge for them. For instance, something as simple as drawing a picture takes hand, wrist, and arm stamina. When those muscles gets tired, it doesn’t feel good. So one of the things kids do is switch to another activity that uses a different set of muscles (or the same muscles but in a different way).


It’s actually a clever strategy if you think about it. But quitting can become a habit if it happens too often. Learning to finish what you start is an important readiness skill (and mind-set) for school and life. And finishing takes endurance.


The Challenge for Parents

If you've noticed this tendency, watch to see if they’re using different muscle groups (or the same muscles but in a different way) when they jump from one activity to another. If they are, consider introducing more time outdoors and on the playground. Whole-body active play will naturally build up stamina and endurance across all the muscle groups which, over time, will give them the power they need to stick with it!

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Moving Day

Learning your own body means doing simple things in wacky ways!


Kids need natural challenges to stretch themselves to the fullest. LEARN MORE...

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