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5-10 minutes


Various things you decide to try

(See our list of ideas)


  • Left and Right

  • Midline Development



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Take a Left Walk

Repetition is how little ones absorb learning. Take a “Left Walk” to help them learn what left is all about.

About the Game

How? Plan a day where everything they do begins with the left side of their body.


Why? To develop fully coordinated movement kids need to recognize and understand the different sides of their body.

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What you can do. When talking about left and right, stand shoulder to shoulder so they see what you’re doing from their perspective. (When you stand facing them, your left is their right and that may be confusing.)

How to Play

Set Up. Explain that everything you’re going to do on your walk starts with their left hand or foot. Put a sticker on their left hand and foot as a visual reinforcement. As you do this (and everything else you do on your walk) reinforce it by saying “This is your left foot. This is your left hand.”


Game Play. Get dressed for your walk, putting their left sock and shoe on first. Put their left arm in the jacket sleeve first. Then head out, stepping out the door with your left foot first, of course. Here are a few ideas for you...

  • Only turn left. If they want to go right, work with them to figure out how to get there by just turning left.                                                             

  • In the park, explore the flowers or feed the ducks with the left hand.                                                            

  • Bring a ball with you and have both of you kick it with your left foot.                                                     

  • At the playground, climb the ladder beginning with the left hand and foot. When they come off the slide, turn left.

  • Spin to the left on the merry-go-round. 


  • Dig in the sandbox with the left hand.                                                 

  • Play hopscotch on the left foot.                                        

  • Lie down on the grass and roll to the left.                                              

  • Side-step to the left on your way home.                                                   

  • And when you get home, have a left-handed snack!

And of course, pick another day, and Take a Right Walk!


For More Challenge

Turn your Left Walk into “Left Day!”

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