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5-10 minutes


  • Understanding Space

  • Collaboration


The Over-Under Journey

Playing collaborative games equalizes the playing field for your child while giving you a perfect, kids-eye-view of life! Next time you have a few minutes, try taking an Over-Under Journey. You might just be surprised where you end up!

Set Up

Start by deciding where to go. You may want to go to a real place like the kitchen or you could think of grander, imaginative places like the Dinosaur Forest.  Make it 10-15 feet away as your target for a game of 5-6 turns. 

Game Play

Next, decide who is "Over" and who is "Under." Using only your bodies, the "Over" player must travel each step of the way by going over the other player. The "Under" player must go under the other player. Take turns going over and under until you arrive at your destination!


Here are a few ideas to get you started...

  • OVER THE HILL (stand tall and let your child climb all the way up you!)

  • UNDER THE BRIDGE (form a bridge with your body or legs for your child to climb under

  • OVER THE TICKLE TIGER (lie down on your back and have your child climb over your tummy -- tickling as they go!)

  • UNDER GATE (lie on the floor and raise one leg in the air up and down. Have your child scoot through the gate while it's open.)

  • UNDER THE PUDDLE (lie down on the floor tummy-side down.  Have your child "swim" underneath you)

  • OVER THE WORM (wiggle like a worm on the floor and have your child climb over you from head to toe)

  • UNDER THE TUNNEL.  (sit on the floor with your knees up and have your child climb through)

Fun, Fast & Easy Games to Play Anytime, Anywhere


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In small spaces kids feel BIG!



Movement is a language that tells us what is happening in their development.


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