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10 minutes


  • Body Control

  • Concentration

  • Core Strength


Coordination Drop.png

Farmer Gates

The farmer is very busy today and needs our help taking care of the cows and sheep. We need to coordinate letting the animals in and out of the barn.

About the Game

How? The gates need to be opened and closed. To let the animals out, open the arms and legs. Close them to let the animals back in.

Why? Using different parts of the body in different ways at the same time develops their coordination while building listening and concentration skills.

Lookwhatikandu - Farmer Gates 1.png

What You Can Do

Begin by sitting behind your child with your legs and arms straight out in front of you. Explain and guide them in the movements. Make the animal sounds as you move which you can use later in the game. When they’ve got the hang of it, sit opposite them and play together.

How to Play

Set Up

The arms let the sheep in and out of the barn. The legs let the cows in and out. Practice these movements one at a time…


1. BAA - Let the sheep out. (Open arms).

2. MOO - Let the cows out. (Open legs).

3. BAA - Let the sheep in. (Close arms).

4. MOO - Let the cows in. (Close legs).

Once they have the idea, now mix it up. BAA and MOO randomly giving your child time to think and move either their arms or legs.

Lookwhatikandu - Farmer Gates 2.png

When they’re ready, try adding new twists and challenges. Note: Each level gets a little trickier for them so give them time to think it through. If it’s frustrating, level back down and try again another time.

Lookwhatikandu - Farmer Gates 3.png
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