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  • Balance

  • Body Control

  • Stability



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Copy Me!

Balancing their body in different ways helps them explore all the ways they can move while requiring high levels of concentration and control.

About the Game


This game of dancing musical chairs combines dancing, freezing and copying each other’s funny poses.


Why? Freezing and holding unique poses challenges the brain to maintain its sense of balance no matter which way it ends up!  Further, when your child copies you (or you copy your child), they’re learning the give and take of relationships.


What You Can Do. Be imaginative in your poses, especially in the way they need to hold the pose and balance at the same time. As you play, add silly sound effects, funny words, or make funny faces while you pose to challenge their physical concentration.

How to Play

Set Up. Turn on some great music and start dancing. Turn off the music and strike a funny pose. Have your child copy your pose as best they can. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Then do it again.


Once they have the hang of the game, it’s their turn to strike a pose for you to copy!


Balance Poses

Here are some balance poses to get your started. Invent as you go. For instance, how does a pirate balance on his peg leg?



1.Hands and feet on the floor (bottom up in the air)

2.One hand and both feet on the floor.

3.Both hands on the floor, one foot up

4.Stand on one foot with arms out

5.Stand on one foot with arms by sides

6.Stand on one foot with arms up high


On all fours...

1.Lift one hand off the ground

2.Lift one knee off the ground

3.Lift one hand and one knee off the ground

4.Now lift the other hand and knee up

5.Balance on elbows & knees



1.Hands behind you with feet off the floor

2.Hands and feet off the floor


And don’t forget to have them take the lead when they’re ready. It’s always good to be in charge!

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