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Lookwhatikandu - The Age of Distraction

The Age of Distraction

Focus & Concentration

As a parent, chances are you’ve asked yourself, “Kids are so distracted. Why don’t they just pay attention?” Fact is, they ARE paying attention... to EVERYTHING. 


Learning Focus

As adults, we know some things are more important than others. Our life experience has trained our brain to filter out the less important things so we can zoom in on what really matters. 


For instance, when shopping for your brand of laundry detergent, chances are you don’t even “see” the other brands. You’re looking for the red bottle and ignore every other color. In short, focus is knowing what NOT to focus on.


Young children don’t have the years of experience we have. To them, everything is important, new, and fascinating. As a result, they pay attention to everything. As it should be.


Focus comes in to focus over time. 

Sensory experiences are training their brain to better understand what the world’s all about. Eventually they’ll be able to decide for themselves what’s important and what’s not.


As for right now, try not to think of them as “distracted.” Think of them as learning.

A Moving Child is a Learning Child Vertical Banner.png

Sorting games help little ones learn to focus their attention as they're looking for the right shape. Simple as this sounds, sorting is an  important pre-math and pre-reading skill builder. The Shape Dance is a new twist on sorting, using the whole body to find the shapes. And all you need is chalk! 5-10 minutes. LEARN MORE...


How the senses teach the brain to think.  


And there's more...


Movement is a language that tells us what is happening in their development.


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