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Parents Make the Best Playmates

Making Play Work for Learning

As adults, we’re expected to be strong, mature and in control at all times; responsible, efficient, effective, and results-oriented. These exact qualities make us INEFFECTIVE playmates, if not downright annoying. After all, who wants to play with someone who bosses you around and thinks they know more than you do. So to be a better playmate...


When it comes to

play your child is

better at it than you are.

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FOLLOW, DON’T LEAD. When it comes to play, your child is better at it than you are. Know your place and follow their lead (unless safety becomes an issue, of course).

GET SHORTER.  Whenever you can, bring yourself down to their level (both physically and emotionally!). This is your time to see the world through their eyes. 

KEEP IT POINTLESS.  True play has no agenda – no rightness or wrongness to it. Whatever happens happens.  Keeping playtime open and free is not only the best way to encourage your child's imagination, it's the best way to help them learn naturally.

And no matter what, remember, playtime is for both of you, so relax and go for the ride!

Unlocking the brain for learning. LEARN MORE...

Developing Self-Control.



Movement is a language that tells us what is happening in their development.


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