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Mastering complex movement. Emerging complex thinking.

Introduction to Coordination

Put simply, Coordination is defined as the the ability to move different parts of the body independently or together at will or automatically. It develops over all the early years through a kind of "bio-geometry" known as the Midlines. 


Through this process, nature is not only sorting out the body, it's preparing the brain for the highest levels of thinking, reasoning and creativity through the trial-and-error process known as play.

Faded Kinetic Scope.png

As the body and brain grow more in sync with each other, more and more opportunities to explore their own curiosity are within reach.

”I’m going to build the biggest tower ever.”

Failure is a MUST in learning. It’s the door that opens to surprise, the home of all new ideas.

“Oops. Let's try that again.”

Conceptual thinking is born out of children’s natural, experiential approach to learning. 

“It stands up if I hold on."

Creative problem solving develops through a fierce and fearless conviction in their own ideas. 

“What I need is bigger blocks...

Young children’s solutions don’t have to be logical or even correct. For now, they just need to be theirs. 

...and someone taller than me."

Creativity is a self-fulfilling cycle of learning springboarding from one what-if to another.

Tall Tower

Movement is the brain's priority in the early years.  LEARN MORE...

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Balance Drop.png

The only to develop balance is by moving.


And there's more...

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