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Strength, stamina & endurance

build persistence and resilience.

Introduction to Power

Power is not a word we normally associate with young children, but without it, their ability for independent inquiry and personal discovery is limited.


Power is the strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, and agility they need to accomplish whatever task they set out to do. And its those accomplishments - large and small – that are the very beginnings of their "can-do" spirit.

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Without Power (physical or mental) kids can’t get very far.

”I’m making a sand castle today. I have my bucket. I need to go get water. 

Gee, water is heavy.”

Physical confidence is the starting point for independent inquiry in the pursuit of personal, passionate interests. This is the most meaningful style of learning.

“Water and sand make mud which is good for making sand castles.”

Self-motivated learning involves unexpected twists, turns and tangents. Physical endurance supports a child’s ingenuity to see things through.

“I want to dig a moat around my sand castle. I need a spade to help me dig but I don’t have one. 


What else can I use? I’ll use my hands.

Bouncebackability comes naturally when kids feel powerful and empowered to try again. 


Determination is the engine of learning.

“No problem. I'll do it again."

Can-do spirit is born in effort. 

Sand Castles

Movement is the brain's priority in the early years.  LEARN MORE...

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The only to develop balance is by moving.


And there's more...

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